Croswait C-Grip Products & Rates

Highly durable, shock absorbent, and visually appealing, C-Grip Marine Decking provides a safe and comfortable alternative to painted-on, non-skid textures for all watercrafts. It is non-absorbent, UV-protected, stress resistant, and features an easy to apply acrylic adhesive backing by 3M™. Its ease-of-fabrication and installation makes for widely customizable patterns and designs that will help set any boat apart from the crowd. Materials also carry a one-year warranty against factory defects.

We source our EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) sheets from OceanGrip™, manufactured in Sarasota, Florida, USA, and are proud to be among the first service providers in the Eastern mid-Atlantic region.

C-Grip Marine Decking is perfect for:

  • Swim platforms
  • Bridges and cockpits
  • Helm station pads
  • Coaming bolsters
  • Coverboards
  • Stairs and landings
  • Dockmats

C-Grip Color Chart

Sheet Pricing

Pricing includes measurement, design, materials, and cutting.

5mm (single color)

Micro-Dot: $15.00/sqft
Brushed: $16/sqft

6mm (dual color)

Micro-Dot: $21.00/sqft
Brushed: $26.00/sqft

13mm (dual color)

Micro-Dot: $21.00/sqft
Brushed: $26.00/sqft


Deck Installation: $58/hour

Specialty Items

Small Helm Pad

(14”x28”) 13mm Teak: $145.00

Large Helm Pad

(16”x36”) 13mm Teak: $152.00

Custom sizes and artwork are available on request. Call or email to discuss your special order.

24” Fish Ruler

(26”x4.5″) 13mm Teak: $35.00

36” Fish Ruler

(38”x4.5″) 13mm Teak: $41.50

Custom lengths and logos are available on request. Call or email to discuss your special order.

YETI Cooler Pads

Tundra 35: $50.00

Tundra 45: $70.00

Tundra 50: $80.00

Tundra 65: $90.00

Tundra 75: $100.00

Tundra 105: $110.00

Tundra 125: $140.00

Other models and sizes are being added regularly. Custom pads are also available.


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