Who doesn’t love a good upgrade? At Croswait Marine Services, we love to take on a challenging project and make it look easy. Anyone who has ever dealt with rotten wood, at home or on a boat, knows how difficult it can be. But for a crew with years(decades) of experience under our belts, we say- no problem!

The Upgrade came to us looking for some repair work this summer for their starboard cabin side. After careful inspection, repairs began and  we replaced the rotten starboard cabin side, and starboard side windows. We also repaired the rudder shelf and rotten frames in the lazarette. We finished her up with some new paint for the transom. We think she turned out real nice!

Rotten Frames

Rotten Hull Side

Frame Repair

Frame repair

Cabin side repair

Cabin side repair

Interior Cabin Finished

Cabin Exterior

The Upgrade